Use Web Tools to Track Sales and Service Requests

Providing great sales and customer support is not that difficult.  Half the battle, in fact, is getting organized. 

In today's connected world, that means using some sort of online, web-based tool to capture, track, and communicate service requests, as well as sales inquiries.  Think about it.  Even the smallest mom-and-pop business fields many requests from prospective and current customers every week. 

Using a web-based tool such as SmarterTrack from SmarterTools Inc. can be a very effective, low-overhead way to keep track of all those requests, big and small.  In addition, you inspire confidence in your customers as you demonstrate your ability to follow up faithfully and reliably.

SmarterTrack is one of those absolutely brilliant tools that shines in nearly every area: user interface, feature set, value, integration and reliability.  The development team has managed to steadily add new features without needlessly cluttering up its quite stunning, but common-sense page layout.  An advanced tool such as SmarterTrack has the uncanny ability to add great value to your everyday work, without the burden of cumbersome or awkward navigation, or complicated procedures.

Information Results has deep experience with SmarterTrack.  We can help you with procurement, setup, and even integration of SmarterTrack with a web site (or other business system) through its rich API.  Contact us for a free consultation and we'll be glad to talk over the options that might work for you.

Take the first step today to providing sales and support that really works!

Project a Professional Image with VOIP

Today's VOIP technology makes it easier than ever to project a very professional image to your customers, prospects, and business partners.

One stellar example is, which offers affordable VoIP phone services for small business, home business or personal use.  Although "affordable" can often equate with "low value", this is not one of those cases.  On the contrary, there's lot to love in their Virtual Office.

Here are my top 5 reasons to love
  1. A powerful Control Panel: Manage your extensions, numbers, menus, greetings, schedules,'s all there in one place.
  2. Extremely helpful 24x7 live customer support. 
  3. Customize everything to your exact specifications.
  4. Active user forums that even the CEO frequents.
  5. Great value for the price.

Organize your bookmarks, once and for all!

LinkStash reviewIf you're anything like me, your web surfing leads to a lot of bookmarking and saving of favorites.  Personally, I like to save links to web sites and pages of interest, for ease in finding them later.  Google and other search tools notwithstanding, there's nothing like having my own "stash" of links, named the way I want them, and easy to recall.

You may be able to identify with my recent dilemma, when I woke up one day and realized that all those valuable links were strewn about...and very disorganized.  Think of all the places where quality URLs can be potentially stored.
  • as favorites in various browsers
  • on the desktop
  • inside documents
  • inside emails
  • etc...
The LinkStash main window is very similar to Windows Explorer.This scattering of links across your machine makes it nearly impossible to locate the link you need -- at just the right time.  But what if there were a tool that excelled at storing and organizing all your web site links -- and made them incredibly easy to retrieve?

Enter LinkStash.  It's not the only Windows bookmark utility out there, to be sure, but it may be the best, at least for the Windows world.  I think it's the best -- because it's one goal in life is to store, organize and retrieve links.  It does so very elegantly and simply.  It's also the best because it does not try to be anything but that -- an outstanding Windows bookmarks/favorites manager.

Consider the main window.  It's simple, straightforward, and to the point.  Sexy it's not.  But hey, bookmarks aren't that sexy either.  But don't let that plain interface fool you -- it gets the job done.

The customizable LinkStash toobar does the job well.How about that toolbar.  Now this is a real toolbar.  Not like those foolish ribbons that Microsoft has come up with.  A toolbar should be like a toolbox.  It should contain buttons (handles) that make the tools easy to identify, grab, and use.  The LinkStash toolbar is a thing of beauty.  And it works. You may customize the toolbar, of course, as I have done.

LinkStash will grab links from any open browser.
My favorite feature of LinkStash, however, is the ability to "grab" URLs from any major browser.  LinkStash will grab the URLs from all open browsers and display them in a simple dialog.  You may then choose the links that you want to save to LinkStash, and the software will flawlessly save each one in succession to the LinkStash folder you desire.

Finally, the Bookmark Properties dialog is yet another marvel of fantastic user interface design.  Inside this power-dialog, you may store:
  • comments
  • tags
  • passwords (these can be secured)
  • notes
The LinkStash Boobmark Properties window offers an array of  options for organizing and opening links.... and even designate which browser to use to open the link.  Everything you need, and nothing more.

I've not been able to cover everything here, but I will mention a few more of my favorites features of this wonderful tool:
  • Explorer-style interface
  • Lightning fast search
  • Extensive user customization
LinkStash has been developed over many years by John Williams, a developer out of the UK.  And word has it that he is working on a new version, possibly to be released sometime in late 2010.

I hope I've been able to peak your interest in LinkStash, and that you too will find it to be the tool that allows you to finally organize all those links.  More importantly, it will allow you to leverage the knowledge in all of those links, simply and effectively.

LinkStash is $24.95 per license, and volume discounts are available.  Get your copy of LinkStash here, or try it free for 30 days.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Stashing!