Use Web Tools to Track Sales and Service Requests

Providing great sales and customer support is not that difficult.  Half the battle, in fact, is getting organized. 

In today's connected world, that means using some sort of online, web-based tool to capture, track, and communicate service requests, as well as sales inquiries.  Think about it.  Even the smallest mom-and-pop business fields many requests from prospective and current customers every week. 

Using a web-based tool such as SmarterTrack from SmarterTools Inc. can be a very effective, low-overhead way to keep track of all those requests, big and small.  In addition, you inspire confidence in your customers as you demonstrate your ability to follow up faithfully and reliably.

SmarterTrack is one of those absolutely brilliant tools that shines in nearly every area: user interface, feature set, value, integration and reliability.  The development team has managed to steadily add new features without needlessly cluttering up its quite stunning, but common-sense page layout.  An advanced tool such as SmarterTrack has the uncanny ability to add great value to your everyday work, without the burden of cumbersome or awkward navigation, or complicated procedures.

Information Results has deep experience with SmarterTrack.  We can help you with procurement, setup, and even integration of SmarterTrack with a web site (or other business system) through its rich API.  Contact us for a free consultation and we'll be glad to talk over the options that might work for you.

Take the first step today to providing sales and support that really works!