Essential Desktop Tool: Stickies for Windows

Zhorn Software released Stickies 7.1b on  October 9th.

Stickies are sticky notes for your computer that you can pop up and use anytime!  
This amazing little program is one of those true gems that costs nothing to download and use -- and yet is priceless in its utility.  Sure, there are a lot of sticky note programs out there, but for Windows, well, it just doesn't get better than this. 
Think for a minute of all those little (and not so little) bits of information you encounter during the day working on your computer.  Now think of a way to capture all of them -- effortlessly.

That's Stickies!

Reasons to love Stickies: 
  1. Virtually bug-free.
  2. Countless uses.
  3. Capture both text and images.
  4. Sits in the system tray ready for you to use. 
  5. Set alarms.
  6. Attach to programs (very cool).
  7. Search all your stickies.
  8. Send stickies to your friend's desktop (also very cool).
  9. Way better the others.  Trust me on this. 
My favorite feature?  "New sticky from clipboard".

Download it, try it.  You'll love it.