Reliable Backup in 2 Easy Steps

Now is the best time for all business owners to get reliable backup in place for all files.  While there are several hosted solutions for this, for security and performance reasons, we prefer the in-house route.

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To do this in house, there are two major components.
  1. First, use a reliable continuous backup program. We highly recommend (for Windows) QuickShadow by QuicklyTech. This awesome program saves a backup of your files as soon as you save them. It even saves multiple versions if you configure it to.
  2. Along with this software you need a reliable network-ready external backup device, and for this I highly recommend the DS213 by Synology. Buy 2 drives and set it up as RAID 1, which gives you protection against one of the drives failing.
Once you have these items in hand, you need approx. 90 minutes to complete the setup.
If you would like any assistance with setting up your automatic backups, please contact Information Results, and we'll be glad to help.  As an authorized reseller of QuicklyTech we also offer QuickShadow at a 10% us for details.