Our RSS Toolkit

RSS is one of the simplest, and at the same time most powerful, tools on the web.

RSS brings the web to you, on your terms.

You will need an RSS reader, of course.

The landscape of RSS readers is always changing, and some of the best readers are freeware -- and thus are unsupported.  Having said that, I'll leave you with my current recommendations for an RSS "toolkit".
  • QuiteRSS.  With a great feature set, great looking interface and active vendor support, there's a lot to like!  Here are some other key points to consider.
  • QuiteRSS has a stable/usable embedded browser that includes Adblock
  • QuiteRSS is being actively developed/supported (new releases about once a month)
  • QuiteRSS has a great interface (I'm big on really nice icons and clean user experiences)
  • QuiteRSS deals with truly duplicate news (saves a lot of time)
  • QuiteRSS is fast (being written in C++ helps)
  • Feedly.  If you want a vendor-supported, browser-based experience that synchronizes your feeds with your mobile device, you'll want to take a good look at Feedly.  Has a huge ecosystem -- and an actual company behind it.  A big drawback for me is the lack of content filters -- RSSOwl does this very well.  (Good support from vendor.)
  • Feed43: Creates an RSS feed from a site that does not have one already.  I've tried a few of these, and most make grandiose claims -- but in practice fail miserably.  Thus far, however, Feed43 seems to be quite flexible and reliable.  I got my first feed up and running in about 20 minutes.  After some practice I got it down to 10 mins.  (Support is tepid.  For my first question I did get some support from the vendor after about a day, but other requests have gone into a black hole.  Go figure!)
Should you need more advanced merging and manipulation of feeds:
  • Yahoo! Pipes: An interactive feed aggregator and manipulator.  Very capable but requires some practice and study.  (Caveats: The Craigslist servers regularly block requests from Pipes.  No live support, but many tutorials and examples exist.)

New version 3.4.0 of LinkStash released - the ultimate bookmark management tool

LinkStash is the ultimate bookmark management tool and still one of our all time favorite productivity tools!

Version 3.4.0 was released on July 1st, and contains these changes:
  • Improve search results by prefixing a search word with - (dash) to exclude words from the search results. For example (ignore quotes):
  • "news -sport -politics" matches news but without sport or politics
  • "-fiction" matches everything without fiction.
  • Searching searches a folder's full path name by default instead of just the folder name.
  • Clearing the search history now also clears the Advanced Find text.
  • Disable save history for Advanced Find if save history option isn't on.
  • Don't show the duplicates button in the Add Bookmark Dialog for deleted bookmarks.
  • Fix main window popping up when it should stay minimized. For example adding from Chrome should not cause the main window to be restored if it's minimized.
  • Fix high CPU usage with very large number of bookmarks when closing the bookmark file or the duplicate checker dialog.
  • Fix unable to add Firefox or Pale Moon bookmarks unless the page has a title tag.
Download your free trial today and finally get control of all your bookmarks!