New version 3.5.1 of LinkStash released - the ultimate bookmark management tool

LinkStash is the ultimate bookmark management tool and still one of our all time favorite productivity tools!

Version 3.5.1 was released on September 3rd, 2014, and contains these changes:

  • A bookmark bar displays the bookmark's properties docked to the side of the main window. It displays the currently selected bookmark allowing it to be edited.
  • More conveniently hide columns with new Hide column menu item in the bookmark list header right-click menu.
  • Add option (startup tab) to exit LinkStash after several (~5) minutes of system inactivity, off by default.
  • Add Clear all search history menu item to the find bar to clear the find bar and advanced find.
  • Show the selected folder's full path in the add bookmark dialog.
  • Allow for longer folder names in the status bar.
We like that the developers continue to maintain and improve this one of a kind tool, and we highly recommend using LinkStash to manage all your bookmarks.  Download your free trial today!